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Dara, Gummy, and G-Dragon watch the musical Dracula on the same night :)

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140721 GD at Gimpo Airport back from Tokyo (HQ Photos)

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At 0:53 don’t dara’s bracelets look like GD’s turquoise and black CH bracelets :) ?

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Track: noona noona yeah~♥
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GD: “Busan is nice. Goodnight  emojiemoji

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The fanfic the last ask was referring to was actually 'Broken Law' :) However I think the author took it out of asianfanfics :/
Asked by fantassiia-deactivated20140517

Oh I see! 
Aw ))): No bueno! There’s so many good authors on there :’) But you have to look! Like reaaaaally look. But there are a lot of good stories too where it seems slow in the beginning but quickly catch on hehehe.

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hi do you by any chance have already read this fan fiction on asianfanfics wherein dara played the role of a well known lawyer in united states (los angeles if i am not mistaken) then yg hired her to help jiyong out of being accused or something. It was really a good fanfic but I unfortunately forgot the title. Maybe you could help me about it, eh? It was a rated story. I'm sorry if I couldn't give any more details it was all I could remember :(
Asked by bnwfairytales

I think you’re talking about “Actions, Handcuffs,….& Love” ? Dara is a lawyer there but Jiyong is like an undercover agent 0:

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I adore daragon so so so much!!! And I hate the skydragon ship (on the inside...) because you said we should respect other ships but what's your opinion on cl&gd? Why'd you choose daragon? xx
Asked by sarahmxxxx

hi! i know this is a bit late but thank you for asking this. ^^

I Personally choose daragon because they are both my bias and they really look good together (on my opinion).

I’m a big fan of sandara park ever since she became popular here in the philippines that’s why when someone posted that gd were one of those poeple who encouraged her to become an artist in korea and pursue her dream to become a singer i became his ever loving fan (im really thankful that he helped ate dara). i supported them both as a (dream) couple since then.

They support each other that’s why i love them.

About Cl and GD. To be honest, at first i can’t stand to see any skydragon posts or videos but when i saw some posts from the bashers and haters about cl and gd, i realized that "Oops! Okay, its enough. We’re just making a war here. CL and DARA are best of friends and GD is one of their respected mentors in YG. I don’t want to ruined this lovely (YG) family. I dont want to push someone down and bash other people just because i believe that daragon is real."

CL and GD are friends, they are family. (and i both like them as leaders, they are just WOW!)

DARA and GD are friends, they are also a family.

So this whole bashing thing, i think we should really stop it.

It can really cause a big trouble.

CL/GD/DARA, if they only know this things are happening…they will personally want to stop this. I’m sue of it.

A long answer for a short question, haha..sorry. I hope i answered your question.

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just out of curiosity... how did you know dara follow GD's private account?
Asked by im-perfect-dreams

I looked just out of curiosity. His private account has a picture of him when he was a child. Seungri also follows this account. It’s not under GD’s name.